Untitled (when plath meets byron)

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Every time I close my eyes the world
comes to a dead end. I am lost in the
darkness. Can you hear me? Perhaps
I imagined you inside my head.

She walks, a form of loveliness, akin to
moon at night. I can hear her desperate
plea. ‘Come save me’ Oh passion sways
despair. We reunite.

Fire and water. Such is their verse, and
though they seemed worlds apart, there
is a hint of common ground. Speculate,
what if they had met!


Photo credits:Β We Heart It

Process note: 1st stanza is (Sylvia Plath) 2nd stanza is (Lord Byron)
and third is (Moi)

Posted for Poems in April @ Real Toads

28 Replies to “Untitled (when plath meets byron)”

  1. Could Poe be the moody lover to rekindle Plath’s faith in life, as well as her heart? You’ve made a good case for it. I hope it works out with those crazy kids.

  2. Ah, yes, she walks in beauty like the night – I caught that allusion instantly. This has quite a dreamy and romantic tone. Two lost poetic souls: it would have been an interesting meeting.

  3. The poem twirls a beautiful romantic and comes rest with the intrigue of wonder. Nice take on the prompt Sanaa

    Happy you dropped in to read mine

    Much love…

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