Untitled (unmask me slowly)

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I can see you, your sorrow
                    and pretentious smile
feel the change in wind as you
                          heave a mournful sigh
Like the moon that reflects on water,
come empty
                        all that’s in your heart.
The soul as we know it wears no mask
let reason soothe
                          and play its part.
(and now this love has torn me apart)

I can see you, your angst
                    and accustomed pain
hear the roar of clouds
                 as tears obscured, drops of rain
Like daylight that mounts a porpoise sky
come meet
                    oh warm, solicitous gaze
The soul as we know it wears no mask,
let reason soothe
                   and play its part
(and now this love has torn me apart)


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Posted for Midweek Motif @ Poets United

28 Replies to “Untitled (unmask me slowly)”

  1. This is so beautiful. No pain deeper than that which love can cause – and no feeling higher. I especially love “like daylight that mounts a porpoise sky” – how original!

  2. “The soul as we know it wears no mask”…This is so true. Also love, love the image of daylight mounting a porpoise sky. The sad note is soul stirring. This is beautifully crafted Sanaa.

    And now to answer in digits lol!!!

  3. Beautifully written so true “that the soul wears no mask” and so sad of the love that can’t show his heart. and what an amazing line “Like daylight that mounts a porpoise sky”

  4. Sometimes in learning something new we lose a part of ourselves as well. Love of course hurts us the most as its loss affects every single part of us. Let’s hope you are not writing about yourself!

    1. Thank you so much, Robin 😊 for your kind and thoughtful comment ❤

      (The poem is not autobiographical)

  5. Happiness is the function of your consciousness and ‘it wears no mask” It is very true. At this moment you have put me on a self love journey. 🙂
    Lovely poem, Sanaa!

  6. Sanaa, I really like this loose approach to form that you are using at times. The imagery is flawless and the staggered lines lend a lightness to the mood.. I think of dandelion seeds blown across the page. Very nicely done.

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