Untitled (streetlight rain)

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Beneath the pitter patter of streetlight rain
I stand independent from care and thought,
as traffic passes by in a whirl of technicolor.

I observed as dreams weave loosely in wind,
and extended, both arms like a foolish child.
Upon the pavement, I see world’s reflection.

I figure it’s not who we’re that holds us back,
glancing out the window, at felicity and woe
rather, it’s societal pressure, that proscribes.

Remember, every cloud, has a silver lining.


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26 Replies to “Untitled (streetlight rain)”

  1. I don’t know if every cloud does have a silver lining but I know it is important to look for one. Ilove the colorful picture you used.

  2. I love the image you have created, especially in the second stanza. Very detailed descriptions bring the scene to life.

  3. Nice thoughts, Sanaa, they blend well. The falling rain has a magic spell. I loved to run in the rain (back when I could run for exercise and pleasure) as thoughts came to mind that our busy lives would not be bothered to conjure up. I haven’t stopped to ponder but I am sure better thinking would be had than when running.

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