Untitled (speaking in the voice of another)

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Dear Latong

As pink blossoms caress the sky
I am consumed by an urge for
the ability to fly, all my life has
gone in vain, left behind with
solitude who’s my companion
until death.

We never get used to it, to the
pain that binds us and it breaks
me to see that the people that I
care for the most don’t seem to
care at all, not necessarily for
me but not at all completely.

The way society lusts for us isn’t
fair, weaving a stranger into our
lives, all the while expecting us
to embrace – like cupped hands
and inconsistent vessel.

In shadow of greener mountains
I asked for a sister and soon after
you arrived, sharing with me my
hopes and dreams.

Let us step into the swaying silent
shroud and welcome a morning in
spring and hope that in next birth
our luck will surely grin.

Yours truly ~


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Sherry invites us to write a poem in the voice of a woman living
in feudal times. Come join us!

Posted for Poems in April @ Real Toads

24 Replies to “Untitled (speaking in the voice of another)”

  1. Without knowing too much of the story, I would say you have nailed the emotions of a young woman forced to marry and separated from her lifelong friend, with a blend of sorrow and hope.

  2. Sanaa, you have captured the emotions of the narrator so well. It is especially sad that her wish for happiness is in the next life, as this one has been so painful for her. I especially love the line “In the shadow of greener mountains I asked for a sister.” So beautiful. Thank you for writing to the prompt.

    1. Aww gosh!❤️ Thank you so much, Sherry 😀 so glad you liked it!❤️

      (and thank you for the lovely prompt)

  3. I felt this woman’s appreciation for her friend. “We never get used to it, to the pain that binds us ” And indeed we don’t. Even today we have difficulties to bear and a friend who understands is every woman’s wish, or so I believe..

  4. I think you really nailed it.

    And I like “the pain that binds us” as an oblique reference to the bound feet. (I just started reading that chapter in the book, which goes into detail, and couldn’t complete it yet; I nearly fainted!)

    1. Thank you so much, Rosemary 😀 so glad you liked it ❤️

      PS: Yes I know exactly what you mean! 🙂 I decided to watch the movie late last night .. and wow! Highly recommended!❤️

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