Untitled (say the name)

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Under the boundless sky, say the name
and watch as rosy sunset floods the sky
Lebuhraya, lebuhraya as we’re led into
the heart of Kuala Lumpur.

A city swept by rising sighs and dreams
as I dip my woes into glimmering lakes,
hear the gust herald yellowing blossoms
and rain. You see the same faces every
time you enter a cafe, with coffee and
friends, trouble need not cross our way.

I watch as smiles greet me on the trail
Lebuhraya, lebuhraya as the sky alters
to grey.


Photo credits: WallpaperUP

Lebuhraya is an expressway that leads around city of Kuala Lumpur.

Posted for Poems in April @ Real Toads

28 Replies to “Untitled (say the name)”

  1. Such magical names. I love the smiles in the coffee shop. We have a bake shop here that is the same. I especially like the dipping of woes into glimmering lakes. I really enjoyed this poem, Sanaa.

  2. I can relate to the feeling of coming near to a place that you love. The anticipation of seeing those familiar faces and having coffee with friends. Good stuff 🙂

  3. Big town but a small place when it comes to trying to hide. I like this, It’s a pretty town. I haven’t been to Malaysia, closest would be Hong Kong. China and the airport at Tokyo are the only eastern places we’ve visited. Mideast, yes.

  4. Such musical names, Sanaa, and I love the ‘boundless sky’ – we have them here too. I love the description of Kuala Lumpur as a ‘city swept by rising sighs and dreams, and the friendliness of the seeps through with the aroma in the lines:
    ‘…you enter a cafe, with coffee and
    friends, trouble need not cross our way’.

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