Untitled (roses and thorns)

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You can have the roses, a hot mess
of magenta and bronze. Keep them.
Just leave me the thorns. Because,
survival is as licking honey, round
rugged corners.

Just keep your bread and circuses, 
and leave me, weathering a storm. 
There is no reason to ridicule faith,
if you have gripe and doubt. 

You can have the roses, no longer
soft and roseate. Keep them. Just,
leave me the thorns. Because I get
that they are bristling conceits, of 
human nature.

Let the chips fall where they may.



Photo credits: Reader’s Digest

Word group: roses, honey, storm, gripe, bristling, thorns.

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52 Replies to “Untitled (roses and thorns)”

  1. Just leave me the broken pieces, I hear that a lot. Also reminds me of when I was growing up and my sister was old enough to eat fried chicken. I gave her the leg I had been having and opted take the wings instead.
    No one wanted them. No one wants the thorns.

  2. Read this when it first arrived in email and meant to visit, but today realised I hadn’t.
    Your words are truly stunning Sanaa, truly stunning!
    Anna :o]

  3. ah… the thorns. One reason I prefer other flowers in a vase – but this poem is fantastic. The fact that “gripe” is in the word list is awesome.

  4. Because,
    survival is as licking honey, round
    rugged corners.

    Wow! What a magnificent line in a powerful poem of love and loss.

  5. Ah, ditch the thorns. They’re like carrying a grudge. In the words of the self-appointed new bard (Taylor Swift) “Let It Go”! Great poem!

  6. This is my new favorite! I like its repeat of “You can have the roses” and “Just leave me the thorns.” and the change from “survival is as licking honey, round / rugged corners”
    to “they are bristling conceits, of / human nature.” Because even in this dismissal of falsehood you reaffirm the sunnyness that is you–there is something larger that this human just doesn’t understand. But the narrator does.

  7. Intriguing perspectives Sanaa, I particularly like

    . “Because,
    survival is as licking honey, round
    rugged corners.”

    Thanks for dropping by my Sunday Standard this week

    Much love…

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