Untitled (of courage and first words)

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I remember the sky back then
as sun grew generous
pouring out rays of gold
and I would murmur
lost deep in thought
I knew not where the words
came from

Perhaps an image
leaped into the back of mind
pleading please be bold
what’s hidden, declare
weigh (not) down your heart

I remember the sky back then
as I ponder upon this moment
so strange was its allure
so strong was heart’s desire
and I could smile
a thousand years
knowing how the words
had come.


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30 Replies to “Untitled (of courage and first words)”

  1. Lovely imagery here Sanaa as you remember perhaps putting pen to paper for the first time ( or finger to keyboard?)

    1. Thank you so much, Paul 😀 so glad you liked it ❤️

      (It was pen to paper.. and later finger to keyboard)

  2. How important it is to ponder to your muse as she can be so fickle. I sometimes look back at older poems and think did I really write that?, and feel so pleased I did. I loved your expression “I could smile a thousand years”.

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