Untitled (maybe it was a sign)

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I made the world
           to be a long and winding road
though journey
          I knew need not be everlasting,
life is strange that way
        oh what you give is what you get
it’s the kind of experience you never

I came across fate
        knowing it to be a one way street
decisions, decisions
       heart doesn’t coincide with brain
if one way fares better than the other
        perhaps it might be nature’s way
I gaze longingly upon twilight grey

I sometimes wonder
   is it better to be alone cause nobody
can hurt us that way
     one way love, one way relationship
need I anything more to say
       I know soon they opt to disappear

It’s then I discover
             one way or another life goes on
remember the secret
   of happiness is to stop worrying over
what’s beyond our will
  I gaze outside the window and rejoice
as an infinite spectrum
    of possibilities beckon along the way


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46 Replies to “Untitled (maybe it was a sign)”

  1. I think that in real life there are really very few one-way roads… there is always another road, we just have to look for it…

  2. I’ve encountered some “one way” personalities & relationships; no thanks one those options. “You want to hear God laugh, make a plan” So true. I like this piece of yours–it rocks the prompt & conjures hope eternal. I found myself nodding yes at every stanza.

  3. One way street or one way relationships – just the way things are. Maybe its for the best. But always think of many possibilities ~ I like the hopeful end Sanaa ~

  4. No path less traveled? No choices? Bah humbug on one way signs. I want one that says STUDY YOUR OPTIONS! This is a great write … and evocative as well!

  5. I like the feelings of acceptance and seeking in this and the poem’s conclusion: “I gaze outside the window and rejoice as an infinite spectrum of possibilities beckon along the way.”

  6. A different style of writing for you, I must say….and I like it. I think we have to construct our own paths to arrive where we want to. You summed that up nicely in your last stanza …full of hope!

  7. So well done….all those thoughts that pop up with the sign “one way”….and your circular, almost stream of consciousnes related to these two words. As I finish the poem, I’m reminded of the Serenity Prayer….that includes the words (not exactly quoted), God grant me the power to change the things I can and to accept the things I cannot and the wisdom to know the difference.
    Excellent post 🙂 I enjoyed it very much!

  8. Echoes of The Beatles in that first stanza, Sanaa, in the long and winding road, made me smile. I also like fate – the one way street. But the most touching lines for me are:
    ‘I sometimes wonder
    is it better to be alone cause nobody
    can hurt us that way’,
    which seems to come straight from your heart.

  9. They do say that as soon as you stop pursuing/wanting whatever it is, it will come to you. Although I have found it to be true often enough, it seems perverse as well. “Don’t want it anymore? Here ya go!”

  10. I love this, Sanaa. "One Way", a hard realization to make. But then, is it really that way. Let's take another way not posted and see what is in-between.


  11. I sometimes wonder
    is it better to be alone cause nobody
    can hurt us that way
    one way love, one way relationship

    Very clever way of seeing life in the practical sense which normally happens to most people!


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