Untitled (a different sky is waiting)

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Time drips in sensual decay as
I ponder
beneath cerulean sky,
breathing in scent
of grenadine
and mint. I bid myself focus
what lay ahead, but oh taste of
grilled cheese spoke

Asudden, wind blew, as though
offering a
kiss. I remind myself
to cherish salad
days that there
is (plenty) of time
to amend my


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Come join us and pick a Tarot card, mine was ‘The Devil.’

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24 Replies to “Untitled (a different sky is waiting)”

  1. Ah, the images you create in the reader’s mind.
    “I ponder beneath cerulean sky,/breathing in scent of grenadine/and mint”: That, for me, is the focal point of the verse.

  2. “Plenty of time to amend my ways” – so every reluctant dieter says when they’ve slipped off the wagon. πŸ˜€ As someone trying to banish some unwanted baggage, I couldn’t help but giggle and nod at this perspective on the Devil card. We humans are quite clever at rationalizing away our excesses.

    1. LOL❀ love your perspective here, Rommy 😊 and I absolutely agree! So glad you liked it❀

  3. When I was younger “Salad Days” was a piece of cake; as I get older its so hard, I want to eat whatever I feel like , even though my aging metabolism shouldn’t
    Good Luck with salad days

    much love…

  4. All I can think of is “ADD Guac to my grilled cheese!” Sounds amazing. Will try it tomorrow.

    The poem, I’m sure has a deeper meaning – but I’m a bit side tracked πŸ™‚

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