Her ribcage lowly lit by candelabras  
speaks of desires and growing impulses;  
with slightly paler skin than usual,  
long black hair  
and a cloak billowing over her head,  
she has the power to give mortals sleep,  
light up the night and control time. 

I set lofty intentions and lie under the  
sky, for there is drowning in my soul  
which only Selene can define. 
‘There is beauty you die for, and then 
there is beauty 
that annihilates to the very core,’ 
she picks up a grapefruit and takes a bite 
seeming nonchalant, 
her oval face emboldened by long eyelashes. 
It takes everything not to stare.  

‘I don’t understand…’ is all that comes out  
in reply, the lunar goddess laughs,  
almost knowingly and allows time for respite. 
‘You have come a long way Poetess.’ 
And just like that a plethora of burning questions  
emerge as orchids growing in the wild. 
‘Have you always been this pale?’ I inquire  
half amused and half frightened. 

‘Hot pink fascination with art, culture, and  
poetry, if you were to ask me about origin, 
you’ll be fleeing empty-handed.’ 
The goddess, seeing the confusion behind  
hazel brown eyes 
shifts her tone and continues– 
‘no, I wasn’t. I am the youngest of the three siblings. 
But perhaps I was meant to be, 
you see, when I was born  
on the banks of the river, I was as dark as night,  
one would feel  
that Titans had been cheated 
and so, my mother bathed me in milk,  
held several processions  
and hid me away until the fifteenth year of my birth– 
that was when I blossomed.’ 

‘I appeared each night over the water,  
shimmering, all the more, 
because my skin shined with its own inner light. 
But on nights  
when the moon could not be seen,  
there were reasons enough for my absence. 
But I feel there is something  
that’s bothering you, isn’t there, Poetess?’ 

I glance up and find her face illuminated by 
a smile, 
one thing was certain, the goddess  
couldn’t be fooled, 
‘Ah, it’s nothing, but I am beginning to comprehend 
what you meant by your earlier statement. 
And just like that she fades into the night.  





Photo credits: Pinterest

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