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A flower was offered to me with soulful, bounding leap;
while a desire for love unbridled had tied me to caprice.
Smitten so deep to core, I found not budding thorn; thus
flower arduous to hold bade silence recondite to keep.

Lo! flower bewitching had lured and heart had plunged too
deep beneath oh shade of willow, I heard it scorn and weep.
We learn from heavens soft that reside somewhere above;
While searching for love eternal be wary if raven or dove.

Fragile secrets seep from flower;
Beauty blighted within an hour.



Photo credits: fineartamerica.com

Posted for Midweek Motif @ Poets United

44 Replies to “Unbridled”

  1. Beautiful lines…
    “Fragile secrets seep from flower;”— Memory and smell are intertwined; smells really do evoke emotional memories. …
    Great piece, Sanaa! Just love love this…

  2. “Fragile secrets seep from flower;
    Beauty blighted within an hour.”

    Just loved these lines! Beautifully done, Sanaa… <3 🙂

  3. Flowers are traps that lure of course and we both use and are are lured by them. So if I am struck by a pretty face I will so easily be lured into her trap too…fool that I am ! I think I would trust a Raven more than a Dove. Beautifully done Sanaa.

  4. I really like this.

    It’s terrifying when someone gets through and plunges too deep. It can make us behave in bizarre, unpredictable ways.

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