Friday night and the lights are low,
I think back to what you said
not so long ago,
promise-notes of earth’s rain,
each of them in harbor grey and etched upon the sky.

In throes of ambiguity is pulse, throbbing,
while blossoms come as a serenade and appeal
to the softer side,
let it stay in serene comfort,
your head on my chest,
tousles of hair spilling across, watching and wishing;
it’s difficult to say what comes first,
first-light or murmuring of your nameβ€”
sleep is no cure, of this much I am sure,
dark globes of the chandelier both exploding
and stationery
into the serendipity of duality that is our shared existence;
is both air and fire,
a road that leads to tequila sunrise.
You crave my calm and I in turn savor your storm.

With your lips and icy current ripped between
write chapters
and render me helpless,
as the world becomes a pencil drawing,
a masterpiece on the easel,
from charcoal to melodic umber hues,
from cream softened mauves to blues that mature
into a sea-spun sage,
as winter arrives and is welcomed like long remembered song;
smile indulgently at my words,
I will wrap you safe and dangerous into my being
and write you between the lines.

I think back to what you said
not so long ago,
in hours early, on crystalline white trails where poplars grow.




Photo credits: Pinterest

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