They say only the south wind flattens grass;
blows through with a force, a song so confidently sung
as easy as summer daydreamsβ€”
won’t you take a moment and hear what it has to say?
I have always loved the wind;
loved the way its giddy currents flow through woodland canopies
of how it can soothe those who can sense,
there are times when I can feel it within, the push and swirl
that stirring to show what is solidly thereβ€”
the myriad hues of new beginnings are punctuated
in shafts of pink light
one need only open their eyes and see;
the wind instills the willingness to lay bare one’s heart and soul
despite the chance that both could end up sliced to ribbons.




Photo credits: Boreas – John William Waterhouse Painting, Pinterest

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