The Turning Point

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The heart knows not winter
only change,
as the cold comes to usher in the flame–
I look out and embrace
what seem to be amber, spruce and rose
each of which soothe into quiet reflection.
Come February,
I have emptied the soul of pain
similar to how torn pages scatter in the wind.


Photo credits: David Bulow @ Bulow_Ink Instagram

Posted for ‘Art Flash 55’ @ Real Toads 

also on Poetry Pantry @ Poets United 

56 Replies to “The Turning Point”

  1. Grand Sanaa
    __ The thought of nature’s move … builds that feeling in the mind; our northern Earth begins its slant toward the warm. _m

    this last half of icy slant
    times response

  2. An optimistic 55, Sanaa, with cold ushering in the flame. I love the lines:
    ‘Come February,
    I have emptied the soul of pain
    similar to how torn pages scatter in the wind’.

  3. February is a month of transition, and when one empties one’s soul of pain – one can have a fresh start. That is what February is, I think – a month of fresh start.

  4. This is a hopeful emptiness, because perhaps in the quiet of February, it can start filling up with things that feed the soul.

  5. Wow, Sanaa. I really like the tension you build up between the cold and the flame. Epic poem. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I am glad January has gone as we usher in a new month. The groundhog says it will be an early spring. I sure hope so. I think pain has a way of lingering and showing up when we least expect it. May your soul now be peaceful.

  7. How beautiful and wistful were you words Sanaa. I must confess that when writing about winter in February I can’t help wiping my brow as the temperature in Australia keeps touching 40 C and even the nights arer warm!

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