The remains of a saga unseen

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Disemboweled beauty sleeps; a blend of broken
dreams and fateful tears. Preserved upon your
brows a frown; though stars perturbed refuse to
burn. What legends are buried abaft those eyes?
I sense betrayal upon touching your cheek. Oh
death so pale upon your lips; like storm around
thus laboring ships.

Lest sorrow forbids to heed your tale; no mortal
tongue could have pain expressed. I fathom thus
struggle of harrowed escape; the regrets of choice
and lethal mistakes. What men of lore are these?
Who refuse the right to stumble, fall and perish.
I bid your heart not trouble its peace;Β begrudging
thus power of Rome or Greece.

Lo! propelling nature to atone;
Moonlight on her virtue shone.



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70 Replies to “The remains of a saga unseen”

  1. Such great empathy pours into this discovered relic, both respectful of the dead and inquiring of the abundant life it left stilled. A resting head without a body sleeps, dreams, remembers, pauses forever. You embrace her and history with great heart. Fine completing couplet.

  2. Hi Sanaa,
    your reaction to a discovery from ancient Rome or Greece is naive and gentle. Your poem here flows in all the right places. I loved its feeling on my tongue. Very satisfying. thanks for sharing.

  3. I am truly amazed at the ability you have to arrange words in such a way that we, the readers, can actually β€˜see’ into the ΓΊnseen’…
    Beautiful lines…and the last couplet takes the cake, Sanaa.

  4. Luv your writing style for this one. And the thought of history living on in remains, as example, as meditation and caution

    Thanks for linking up at my Sunday Lime today

    Much love…

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