I have turned into words; made his tongue a means
of expression and given in to Spring,
I imagine the water lilies shy away,
in truth yearn for his long lashes as he gazes upon the sky,
the night and I are restless companions–
we love depths where we can drown.

The spot where we lay bare undressing each other’s
hearts is now a huge mass of flowers–
yellow gladioli and pink carnations,
I kiss him and observe as he breaks into stars,
the curve of his mouth tastes somewhat like a sonnet
to me, it’s uncanny how water lilies
quiver while dewy bulrushes glisten.

Come spin me around, tease equilibrium, I want to
feel the rush of you,
hints of roses, lilies, red fruits, complex with touches
of coffee and chocolate,
my sighs dance around your name every chance
they get– fluent in waves
and all things that demand silence.
I wonder, if lips are meant to travel along the collarbone
then why does skin
blush in their absence, it’s time to find out.





Photo credits: Pinterest 

Poem inspired by “Water Lilies” by Claude Monet (1916 – 1919) and title of a Mayan love poem
translated by Michael. R. Burch, ‘The receiving of the flower.’ 🩷

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