The Poem Cat

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Computer blinked, in the utmost, ebb
of night causing one to jump in fright.
‘Ow! Watch where you are going!’ she 
yelled as we continued to observe the

‘Isn’t he gorgeous!’ she said, oblivious
to the fact that, she scratched, the hell
out of her sibling! ‘I m gonna ask him,
out tomorrow evening!’ 

‘Excuse me! I really think that I should 
be the one to ask him’ I smile, shooting 
daggers with blue eyes. She erupted, in
peals of laughter.

‘Ha! Oh please! You can’t even keep your
paws clean.’ ‘Well atleast I don’t smell as
a rotten rat from a sewer like you do!’ 

Their bickering, caused their computer to
topple over unseen. Suddenly commercial 
came on, concluding that the debonair we
saw was nothing more than a plaything. 



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Posted for Poems in April @ Real Toads

30 Replies to “The Poem Cat”

  1. Oh my word! Online dating for cats! It could be a thing with the number of Instagram accounts just for felines.
    Such a fun idea, Sanaa.

  2. Haha! So much fun. You are the second to add cats to your poem (that I’ve read so far)! A great combo, as so many writers love those funny felines. 🙂 And it does seem that they are always hanging about our computers doesn’t it?! Loved this. Thanks for participating in my prompt! Happy April -Stacie

  3. I’m loving this, Sanaa, and smiling all the time reading it. The picture fits really well, did you take it? At any rate I’m sure it was hard getting those two to pose.

    1. Aww!❤️ Thank you so much, Jim 😀 so glad you liked it!❤️

      (I wish I had. The picture is borrowed from the internet)

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