The Ocean

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The ocean remembers
be them mortal remains tied to its depths
or screams that meld with billowing waves

I can see them, their silent forms
as they haul past sins from the ocean’s bed
their lips as they shiver from cold and dread

Only a few fragments
of humanity and hope are left to be seen
as the night lets outΒ unremitting breath
The ocean remembers


Photo credits: Thomas Eakins

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66 Replies to “The Ocean”

  1. Oh I can feel this… as if we were just shadows, the ocean will be there, a canvas for our brushstrokes.

  2. Nature (the ocean, the rivers, the streams) remembers things that we would rather forget. How? I do not know, but like you, I know that it’s true.

  3. I really liked where this prompt took you, the idea of the sea holding all these memories and terrors is a chilling one. You captured it beautifully.

  4. All those secrets of history rocked in the waves of the ocean. Yes she remembers and stores them

    Thanks for droppibg by my Sunday Standard Sanaa


  5. Perhaps there are a lot many stories flowing through the ocean. The ocean has seen it all, and remembers them very well. Loved the imagination and your narration in this poetic piece πŸ™‚

  6. “the ocean remembers” is a startling idea — not new but always it nudges us, clarifying our intelligence with its greater dark totality. Night and sleep and dream subsume us, and we crawl forth at dawn reduced to walking feet and counting words. Loved it.

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