The last rose

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I watch as they remain unflinching
kissed by the hail and snow
what was the reason
oh why did they not wilt and go

A ray of light, a flicker of hope
to hush a bosom’s trembling sigh
perhaps their lustre won’t soon decay


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Posted for ‘Quadrille 36’ @ dVerse Poets Pub

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70 Replies to “The last rose”

  1. A terrific & gentle rocking of the prompt; so mysterious how some flowers, some people cling tenaciously to life while most others succumb too quickly.
    Just refusing to be a victim, standing alone in the flickering light.

  2. I’ve read a lot of poems for this prompt today and so far yours is the only one to give us a flicker of hope. And oh how we need that right now. Lovely poem.

  3. So pretty! I’m always sad when a plant is injured, holding out hope that it will survive. Lots of times they do! 🙂

  4. So very real, Sanaa. Our garden did likewise except I’m not clever enough to write poetic about the situation. We lost three bottle brush trees and a palm tree and a tall hibiscus. We were in South America cruising at the time.

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