The Hour Until Dawn

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New thoughts bounce around
inside my head as fireflies did
when I used to gaze at stars
in hopes of persuading the
dark and disheartening night.
Surrender to inner voice that
beckons from deep inside the
subconscious  it’s the only
way to emerge unconquered.


Photo credits: Pinterest

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58 Replies to “The Hour Until Dawn”

  1. An especially deep and lovely meditative type poem, Sanaa. I, too, love those fireflies, the light in darkness. Sadly, we don’t have them in the Western US. Sometimes my thought bounce around like that–I’ve always called it monkey mind but I like the idea of fireflies better.

  2. I loved collecting fireflies in a jar. Your metaphor of light in a jar and light within is perfect! Great photo as well!

  3. beckons from deep inside the
    subconscious — it’s the only
    way to emerge unconquered.

    The subconscious can be such a potent force if one can garner its powers in the right way!


  4. Nice poem, Sanaa. You are right, you can’t trust those stars. They’re far away and not even having life or a spirit. Trust yourself or your spouse our a friend, etc.

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