The hour before midnight

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Melancholy was a lover dressed
in red
with a burden of mortality
and mind filled
with dread,

I beg to be released
lest heart be taken
with lust,

be naked as sky
and unwilling to change.
Yet I imagine you dreaming
only of me.


Photo credits: Pinterest

Posted for QuadrilleΒ #71 @dVerse Pub

And on Tuesday Platform @ Real Toads

50 Replies to “The hour before midnight”

  1. Very nice! An interesting dilemma! The ongoing conflict of losing control and becoming vulnerable!
    Great Photo! A Yin and Yang of sorts!!
    A Great line… Naked as the sky and dreaming of me!!

  2. Loved your description of melancholy β€” there is a certain lilt in your words which I really liked, as they rise and bloom into this solemn image. I understand that kind of imagination and how damaging it can be. Very well penned, Sanaa!

  3. Visiting again from Real Toads – your poem is subtle yet bold
    The duality expressed in this line is beautiful – ‘Yet I imagine you dreaming only of me’
    Things we ‘wish’ and ‘do not wish’ at the same time – human nature!!

  4. There can be comfort in melancholy, but you are right that we have to be careful not to fall into that trap, for Melancholy is not a suitable way of life for those vibrant minds who need to create in color!!! Wonderful!!

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