The Giving of Salt and Wishes

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Wishes gone bad are as salt;
hibiscus flowers charred and stripped of flavour—
it’s landing on cold hard ground,
it’s drowning in angst,
it’s summoning white waves without tranquility and calm—
wishes gone bad are as foul language,
they hurt
and have consequences; would you take the chance?
Give in to surfeit,
or prefer to settle down for what you receive in moderation?
Salt, in excess burns the throat,
but how would one know unless he has held on and begged
for release?
Wishes are powerful, salt is key;
it’s time we observe and unlock what is stuck in between.




Photo credits: Anka Zhuravleva art photography, Pinterest

Day Twenty ~ When Good Wishes Go Bad

Skylover Wordlist: Salt 💝

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14 Replies to “The Giving of Salt and Wishes”

  1. I like this, Sanaa, I am happy for the ending. Surely a request so heartwarming would not be refused. Twice, once my ex, they just ran off, no coming back requests from me.

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