28 Replies to “The Future”

  1. Oh I do love that you went concrete with this.. a call for diplomacy… too few are doing that today. Great one.

  2. You rocked the prompt, coming up with both a shape & style new for you. from my perspective. Yup. “the future” is coming hard & fast down on us, and soon things will take a shape & direction that may illustrate the poetic parameters you’ve described.

  3. Wow, Sanaa! This is a real change of direction! I love your concrete and sound poem. I like the alphabetic patterns and the onomatopoeia. you’ve really stripped it down to the basics and that’s what makes it so effective. Fire that cannon!

  4. I hear robots marching in your words. War machines and political slogans chanted while the XRD-4S battle drones swoop in formation overhead. Very chilling and grim picture of the future.

  5. Love the interesting way, you choose to lay out the poem, Sanaa. Especially, those words that you choose to use a varying font size and bolding. Maybe, one day, humanity will wisen up and realize the truth that your words speaks to the heart of the matter. Until then, tears will be shed by too many people, over the senseless lost of lives.

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