The Dark Night Of Soul

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Between the crescent moon
and satin sheets
a heated flush is spreading
that makes my heart
taste storm
while city is asleep.
Do you ever wonder
how deep
and decadent it gets
when your scent
as wild as box-berries
writes lines
across my skin–


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Posted for ‘Quadrille# 62’ @dVerse Pub

and on Tuesday Platform @ Real Toads

52 Replies to “The Dark Night Of Soul”

  1. So very clever, Sanaa. We usually say “listen to your heart” but here you used “smell and taste the Heart. Fits perfectly. Thank you for posting.

  2. OOH, the flow of the poem is reminiscent of the gentle touch of a lover. The scent writing lines on the skin is such an evocative feeling — the smell, the ardor, the intimacy all have such a pathos like quality to them with the end in sight. Almost reminded me of the word “Viraha”. And that took me to Faiz.
    Sublimely done.

  3. Geez, Sanaa. This might be my favorite of all your poems.

    Seriously, this is why short poetry exists — instant impact.

  4. when your scent
    as wild as box-berries
    writes lines
    across my skin–

    A male scent is an all overpowering phenomena to the innocent sweet young things


  5. Deep yes, passionate yes. But why decadent? This is beautiful. I like the pull of the moon, she is in a tide with her love. You have wrapped all the senses together in a unified swell. Now I need to go, I really need to go… got to take care of something, you’ve thrown the whole schedule off by the way, I sincerely thank you for that. Blushing ☺️

  6. This is wonderfully sensuous, Sanaa! I love the lines:
    ‘a heated flush is spreading that makes my heart taste storm’… 💙

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