The Bracelet

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She gazed at flowers with mournful ease; beneath thus
heaven’s dangling eaves. Lo! nights of June amid late
chartreuse leaves; bore heft of unshed tears and sighs.
“My days and nights lone hours recall; when love bade
light to pierce the clouds. Lo! drifting, dreaming afar
from crowds; with bracelet charms and pearls galore.”
She pined beside the rose-tree wall.

And now her wandering hours were done; when uprose
sweltering morning sun. Thus delicate gossamer tangles
spun; she laughed at inauspicious pun. “I set thus shades
unto his sight; winged with passion and desire. Lo! bring
me beau with life to hold; or quell upon thus reddening
pyre.” Her heart replete with anguish dire.

Lo! starlight faint spills from heaven;
With alms like hope to mortals given.



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26 Replies to “The Bracelet”

  1. Beautiful poem, Sanaa. These are my favorites:

    “chartreuse leaves; bore heft of unshed tears and sighs”

    “And now her wandering hours were done; when uprose
    sweltering morning sun. Thus delicate gossamer tangles
    spun; she laughed at inauspicious pun”

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