That little thing we call LOVE

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I imagine
Love tastes like spices, cherries and marmalade
gives us feelings rare that never fade
I picture
Love blowing kisses in the chilling winter breeze
adorn us with a glow to forever demonstrate
I assume
Love plays upon a lover’s dream and sighs
creates moments that bewitch, turn our minds awry
I believe
Love accepts with all our faults and flaws
search deep into my eyes you ‘ll find it be not false

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Posted on Fridays with Hannah @ Real Toads

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50 Replies to “That little thing we call LOVE”

  1. I love the details you have brought us Sanaa…especially the marmalade…that is definitely love! πŸ™‚ Thank you for writing!

  2. So very pretty, Sanaa. I believe in love, it is a whole lot more than smoke and sighs. Nice to see you here on the Garden, been missing your nice writings. I hope you are doing fine.

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