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Stream and gliding sun
Near the bobbing fuchsia trees
Your smile is umbrage
While idly watching rain clouds
I breathe an earnest prayer



Photo credits: www.pinterest.com

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also on the Poetry Pantry @ Poets United

66 Replies to “Tanka”

  1. I am glad I came back! My original comment disappeared. Love this tanka. Reminds me of how as I child, I would pull off fuschia blooms to pretend they were dancing ladies. Breathing that earnest prayer too….very very nice!

  2. Well you certainly cast a shadow over this piece with any smile losing itself in the dark. Umbrage is of course to take offence or casting a shadow over an opinion. I took it that the smile was not sincere! Please tell me that is not true!

  3. Lost in the prayer of a flower bud – how wonderful – reminded of also popping the bulbs as children and the lovely smell.. i guess growing up is about leaning to wait for it to pop open on its own 😉

  4. prayer and blossoming appreciation, what lovely themes. Your Line 3 pivots expertly in this tanka

    This a beautiful image shared, thanks for linking to My Sunday Lime [you may use my blog button on you site whenever you link in]

    much love…

  5. Lovely, sharp! In such beauty, must there be umbrage? I suppose, but maybe the anxious prayer can turn into one of gratitude. SO much said in such a small space!

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