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Night curled round as silken sheets
as the wind blew forth fervid breath
I lay restless drowned deep in muse
reveling as her beauty sweet engulfs
Her kiss soothed not, nor calms pith
felt as though sky and sea both split
I gasped as her mouth dripping with
blood caressed her cheekbones wan!
“Fool art thou to has’t invited me in;
oh when morn dost come, I believe
love bites dust on All Hallow’s Eve”



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50 Replies to “Succubus”

  1. The gothic dialogue in this, is perfect for this All Hallow’s Eve tale. The drips of rhyme that fall, throughout, really confer a masterful “polish” to the piece … Wonderful writing!

  2. Very nice, Sanaa. But I am disappointed in that he didn’t succumb to the Vampire’s courting. I thought always those were irresistible. πŸ™‚

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