The swallows are teaching a master class
on the wind;
knowing well the world keeps spinning
without you, the mind fries
and the body
is left somewhere between corner of innocence
and a brewing storm,
just an idea, a notion keeps running free,
“a world where everyone thwarts your individuality
and where even darkness can’t hide you.”
Well, that’s not acceptable.

Tell me if you see me; am I what you thought,
am I what you imagined me to be?
I do give a fuck and that makes it extra
challenging living
in the world nowadays—I am not sorry if the truth
upsets you, my being shouldn’t need to rely
on your comfort level.
There are times when I long to ascend
an unforeseen ladder, anoint my skin with valor
and be whisked away to better days,
a walk beneath heady boughs of wisteria,
they do beckon to me.

Golden hour and green hills; they are sitting
on the bench
with their cigarettes and ideals, calling for me
to join, do I look like sheep or cattle?
I am too busy reading Vanity Fair,
I’d rather they disappear like the setting sun on the
horizon, their chatter makes the air
I breathe feel heavy, feel suffocating,
why is it that we are constantly pushed to be
someone we are not—
I never thought I would look back on those days
and consider them as simple.

The staining aroma; fluorescent lights and bad
behavior, peer pressure
isn’t something that stops at adolescence,
it only gets worse with time,
be careful whom you give your trust to—
We like to think our thoughts
and intentions are clear enough to be read,
we are funny that way,
it’s proof that those with a soft heart are easily
manipulated— enough, we are stronger,
every page is a new beginning;
we are more valuable than what they can take
from us. Go on, read that again—
he swallows are teaching a master class on the wind.





Photo credits: “Just Because,” by Loui Jover, Pinterest

Posted for Poetics: When it comes to Peer Pressure @dVerse Poets Pub