Soliloquy of a desire unspoken

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Pure as drops of rain,
doused in marmalade flames.
As pinkish sunset that floods
over the sea, oh restores hope
and faith in darkening fields.

Though hidden in plain sight
it’s just a breeze upon the wind,
as moonless midnight in July
as vapour, as smoke, as recurring
dream, can you guess what this
Poetess could possibly mean?


Photo credits: Pinterest

Posted for Poems in April @ Real Toads

24 Replies to “Soliloquy of a desire unspoken”

  1. There is the sense of one waiting for something that will restore the tired spirit. Perhaps, I read this in the list of natural images which seem to suggest hope and longing for inspiration.

  2. No, I cannot guess but I love it. “oh restores hope and faith in darkening fields”
    “Though hidden in plain sight it’s just a breeze upon the wind,” I always enjoy your lovely lyrical poems.

  3. Beautiful images! It almost doesn’t matter what the “it” is, when so deliciously described. I too thought of the flower pictured, because of “hidden in plain sight” – but I have now found your explanation, above. Good one!

  4. I love how you steeped this piece in rich natural imagery. It gives me the feeling that narrator is waiting on something also just so…….well done and viva la!

  5. I like the “hidden in plain sight,” for sure it is hidden from me. But it must be gorgeous to live up to all the pretties referenced to it.

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