Siren Song

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I am told to have a beautiful voice,
told to possess a soul with wings-
perhaps it has something to do with
the myth about sirens.

Oh long legs and cascade of falling
hair as they gaze upon passersby
with forlorn stares.

They gather seashells near ominous
caves, their song enough to lure one
beneath the emerald waves.

When promised false devotion they
weep, weaving tresses into seaweed;
for years we hear mournful wailing
by the beach.

Sirens sing a song for me, uncover a
world that lies waiting in search of
thee who knows what truth’s hidden
in a haze of duplicity.


Photo credits: Herbert James Draper 1909

Brendan invites us to write about mythical creatures. I chose to
write about sirens

Posted for Poems in April @ Real Toads

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26 Replies to “Siren Song”

  1. Duplicitous as the sea, that siren song, the bittersweet tresses of wave and shore. We hear that siren song with the fins in our ears and it swims into regions of the heart no one has seen before. Lovely identification with the theme and them.

  2. I like this Sanaa. I like reading and hearing stories about the sirens of the woods and fields. You, i.e. the writer have a tall order to fill.

  3. Tie me to the mast, bind me hard
    just to make me once
    to hear the spells of sirens’ voice,
    let me be tempted but protect me
    be rope, be net, be cage
    but let me please
    hear temptation of the sirens’ song.

    1. Ah yes Odysseus!❤️ I read that he made all his sailors plug their ears with beeswax and tie him to the mast and to leave him tied tightly no matter how much he begged. Thanks for stopping by, Bjorn 🙂

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