Periodically, panting, the gleaming parquet floor
creaks underfoot;
pervasive thoughts halting to every urge,
like rose wine
the sense, the taste of you awakens every ounce,
every fiber of my soul-

With every changing season,
                                             I am looking for a reason.

Boastingly, brilliantly the blue sky inebriated
speaks of bravery,
as I trace circles with fingertips from lips
to collarbone,
thoroughly exploring wisps of breath;
Autumn is a time for bearing against the wind,
for introspection,
a combination of events, chances, wishes that thrill
beyond measure.

Dichotomy tells of contrasts between two things;
ebony black brooding
dove-white conviction,
I have loved you without knowing how, without
knowing when,
I cannot decide whether it’s clairvoyance or déjà vu
that draws me to your being—only
that sweet sting of syntax serves as confirmation.

Are you afraid to believe?
To embrace the aching sensuality of your thighs?
I adore their resilience,
their vulnerability, their anger, their passion, their truth
and lies.

Love iambic – Love invigorating

With every changing season,
                                  I am looking for a reason.




Photo credits: Pinterest

Peter hosts on dVerse tonight and invites us to write the sounds of our poetry. (I hope I got it right) 🙂

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