Since flower, nor stone, nor depth of the raging sea

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the blushing leaves in September
murmured amongst each other
as feeling
makes its way into my heart
at grey twilight.
I wish to be the name on parted lips
when world
will slowly fade and sky
comes rushing down
to kiss the earth.


Photo credits: Pinterest

Posted for Quadrille #64 @ dverse pub

and on Tuesday Platform @ Real ToadsΒ 

60 Replies to “Since flower, nor stone, nor depth of the raging sea”

  1. I like this Sanaa…it gives me a feeling of the pressure of time…autumn and then winter…and how hearts can awake and realize, hopefully not too late, an ultimate wish…beautiful

  2. I love how you’ve captured the sped with which autumn takes hold with its ‘blushing leaves in September’, Sanaa, and the shift to romance in the ‘name on parted lips’ and the sky rushing down to kiss the earth.

  3. Ooh, I love the tenacious quality of your words β€” sensuous, careful and gripping.
    The murmur, the name, and the kiss all create this romantic setting of mythical proportions.

  4. I just really like this piece, this small poem, from start to finish ~ it captures the longing, the yearning, so simply, yet somehow, it comes across as so complex for the (word) capture. (Does that make sense? LOL – let me try again: simple words, for a complex set of emotions – yet somehow, the words you’ve chosen are rich – imbued with something “more” than a first glance/definition -. right. I give up today for comments.) I just really like this Sanaa – well done for a quadrille. πŸ™‚

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