Signe de l’automne

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I sigh and kiss the drooping leaves; savor the moment precious before its loss. Each season the world would spin and bring about inevitable change. ‘To change is to mature.’ I would hold onto these words each time as the rain came down to soothe my fears. It plunged my fragile soul into the depths of madness deep; to think of life as new — as though a kite on string. Still, I let nature rush me through the gradual progress of time. Oh soft, aglow is scene. I sing the following verse with joy. We do it not in hopes of achieving fame — nor do we seek for scope of material gain. We write because we can no longer hold the words inside.

The sun beckons to lustre
and sheen; so that the bud
can change and glow.


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Posted for Haibun Monday @ dVerse Pub


For my prompt “When shades of loss weave with pattern of madness”
on 23rd September at 8:00 am EDT

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76 Replies to “Signe de l’automne”

  1. To sing in praise of change in hopes that a word will bloom. Lovely writing, wistful yet determined to enjoy each moment rather than pining for changes long since past.

  2. I dread seeing all those leaves dying and fading in colors. Your prose is lovely but if I may suggest that your haiku is only confined to 3 lines. Use the – something like this :

    golden sun beckons
    buds to sheen its lustred skin-
    an autumn leaf falls

    Thanks for your support!

  3. We do it not in hopes of achieving fame
    — nor do we seek for scope of material gain

    One writes for the pleasure of it and not for any material gains. Creativity knows no bounds!


  4. We, humans, would be much happier if we remember that growing old is also growing wiser… Keeping this in mind might, indeed, ease the desperation that comes with age. Like autumn and winter, middle age and older is needed in order for the circle of life to keep on turning.

    I love this, dear Sanaa. ❤

  5. Your words flow beautifully and it helps release feelings. I celebrated the fall equinox here last Thursday ushering in change. True change starts in the heart and it is with hope that the beat will resonate outward.

    You write from your heart Sanaa, may it always be so!

  6. Love your beautiful haibun, Sanaa. Your use of autumn season to depict the change, growth and maturity is brilliant. We hope as we mature that we’ll gain the wisdom to let things go, and this line rings true, “…we can no longer hold the words inside.” I agree with one of the comments here, you do write from the heart.

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