She being the moon loved truly

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Whether ocean bares heart to moon it doesn’t matter,
It rises and falls in rhythm with moon is another matter.

When she kisses his storms and seeps beneath the skin,
In spite of fury more than word can delineate the matter.

Though wrapped in mist and cloud of the brooding night,
She beams when he speaks to her about things that matter.

A long while amid phases of the moon coming and going,
Knowing drops of ocean echo eternity, it doesn’t matter.

Tell one the story about how the moon adores the ocean,
Then observe if he dares to dive into the heart of matter.


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Form: Ghazal

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76 Replies to “She being the moon loved truly”

  1. How clever of you to choose the ghazal! I love this, Sanaa. Each couplet is richly woven and you introduce a new meaning of the catch phrase each time.

    1. Thank you so much, Kerry πŸ˜€ so glad you enjoyed it ❀️

      (and thank you for the lovely prompt)

  2. I agree with Kerry… love how you have used the ghazal… works so well with the quote… the sea and the moon, the tide exactly like leaving and coming.

  3. Wonderful, Sanaa. Seems you caught well the relationship between the moon and water. It intensifies with the closeness, even though far physically apart. This is evidenced by the tides resulting from the gravity pull.

  4. I quite like it when the Moon flirts with the Ocean but the Ocean is a pragmatist and just waves at the Moon knowing such a romance would hurt both of them.

  5. This is one kind of love and a difficult one, but the face of the lover gives respite to the hurt heart.

  6. The moon, the ocean, the clouds. I like the way you have worked all of these together in such a mysterious way. The picture you chose is really evocative.

  7. Sigh .. the moon and the ocean have been together side by side since the beginning of time. Such a lovely ghazal, Sanaa!

  8. Another stunning beauty, Sanaa! I love the lines:
    ‘When she kisses his storms and seeps beneath the skin’
    ‘Tell one the story about how the moon adores the ocean,
    Then observe if he dares to dive into the heart of matter.’

  9. Wow. The combination of form and idea worked so well! I enjoyed being rocked back and forth on the verses. πŸ™‚

  10. Yay!! I love a ghazal. You did wonders with the repeating phrase – I love how many meanings you attach to ‘matter’. Well done. This is a tricky form.

  11. Gorgeously done, Sanaa. “Matter’ and Latin “mater,” for mother, tell us that the soul is physical and must be fed (with that communal breaking of bread, between hearts). You work around and drill down and leave us wanting more bread. Sublimely beautiful, in form and image.

  12. How lovely and rounded this is, as full as the moon herself and as deeply breathing as the ocean, (in your poem, a “him”) …. and what a fascinating conversation to consider, as you’ve done, within its depths, as well, without – leaving us satisfied to sip from the cup of silver bright and the heart dark, brought to bear, upon the light.

    Wonderful poem Sanaa πŸ™‚

    Happy holidays to you and a cup of cheer for the new year πŸ™‚

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