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In darkness thus celestial shadows hide
With naked truth, ardor and untutor’d youth.
Long left to govern, bear you in mind.

In light saccharine buds bloom like jewel
With clear blue skies, larks and gold sunshine
Though still, the dark proves more defined.

Your scent drifts upon my limpid soul.



Photo credits:

Form: Sevenling

Posted on MTB @ dVerse Pub


also for the Tuesday Platform

44 Replies to “Sevenling”

  1. Oh…………absolutely beautiful! And I absolutely LOVE the photo and the last line! So very happy and calm and serene to read this as my morning poetry. Beautiful!

  2. Yes, you deserve all the plus’s; lovely, sensual, gorgeous, gentle, wonderful, joyous–& yes somehow the form was bent superbly to your will, your vision & style; very impressive.

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