Sevenling (madre)

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Love’s like moonlight ov’er cherry blossom trees
With roseate boughs, cooling breeze and stream.
Mingled with baby’s breath, to cherish and hold.

Though nature temperate as slowly setting sun
Stirring strong contentment as battles brio won.
Cause nothing’s ever ended but only just begun.

Madre, behold her lustrous hue.



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Posted for Poems in April @ Real Toads

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42 Replies to “Sevenling (madre)”

  1. I rather like the elements used here and the adoration expressed in every line of your sevenling; as juxtaposed to what a “madre” is expected to channel. Another lovely take, Sanaa! 🙂

  2. This is very lovely to read, and to imagine….I especially love “nothing’s ever ended, but only just begun.” How did you become so wise, so young? You write beautifully, Sanaa.

  3. I loved the beginning and the ending, Amazing! Your poems give us a reason to keep admiring and enjoying our blessings. Looking forward to reading your new poems.

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