Sentimental Shades

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“Beautiful.” I thought as I gazed towards the painting.
Its colors reached out and spoke in tones quite tender.
I taste storm upon indigo with hint of harmony green.
I, realized life’s journey, is a bicycle ride down the hill.

Asudden, I heard laughter, pouring out in form of red.
Then, closed my eyes and extended out a willing hand
while flashes of memory surround like a veil of clouds,
met love as fragile flower opening to warmth of spring.

I, open my eyes, and felt blues tugging upon my sleeve
I shuddered as they hovered above with shades of grey
I realize once heart’s been broken it grows back bigger,
and continued to stare in astonishment at the painting.

I hop and dance alongside, magenta, orange and green
embrace sunshine, health, encouragement and success.
I stepped outside cradling the painting with both arms,
pleased with purchase that lend me wisdom and grace.

“Your friendship is the picture to my frame.”

Photo credits: Mi Young Lee

Posted for Poems in April @ Real ToadsΒ 

26 Replies to “Sentimental Shades”

  1. Oh Sanaa, this is beautiful. I too like life describe as a bicycle ride down hill. You write life as it happens, the beauty, the tragedy, the fear. Thank you so much for writing!!

    1. Thank you so much, Susie πŸ˜€ so glad you liked it ❀️

      (and thank you for the lovely prompt :))

  2. Sanaa, I like the way you cover every shape in the picture. And they all (??) seem to be representing a sensation and it’s variations. Nice, nice, nice.

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