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Gaze not upon with down(cast) eyes
Rather kick up your heels, come now
Swing! Lets dance away into the night!
Life’s a tad too terse for us to begrudge,
remember inside us there existsΒ light;
like scintillating stars we emit our own


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Posted for Quadrille 19 @ dVerse Pub


50 Replies to “Scintillate”

  1. Thanks for offering hope & white light midst the droll, chaotic landscape of the season & our elections; like a breath od can air. I love the line /remember inside us there exists light/.

  2. like scintillating stars
    we emit our own spark

    Everyone of us have that potential ‘sparks’ waiting to be released to astound the world.
    Just how to initiate them is the problem!


  3. Alluring piece, Sanaa~
    I love how you call us, readers, to swing into the night and ignite the spark kept hidden inside.

    Keep writing, gorgeous! ❀️

  4. SMiLes.. Sanaa..
    as a person kNoWn
    by A name of dancing
    legend in a metro area
    of doing that 6,000 miles
    noW in public.. three with
    over a thousand
    photos2 of smiling ear
    to ear women.. thirty something
    years my junior.. i can say for sure that
    Dance IS A spARk oF Love.. iTbRingS iNnocence
    of God within.. has no age.. no gender.. no eYes
    of doubt.. fear.. or hate.. no shame to see eYes
    of God iN each
    oTher as
    onLY lighT
    and i can also
    say the devil isn’t
    bragging as the Hunch
    back of Notre Dame first for
    66 months of shut-in existence..
    no different than ‘a guy selling meth’
    in his underwear with no drugs at all
    that will
    for pain..
    so all there
    then is.. is words for
    path to dance again…
    Dance is not just dance
    Dance is how God moveS iN
    US when FReED..
    sAMe SonG
    as poEtry
    WiTh no limits
    or expectations
    of rules mY FriEnd.. but
    lOve thaT FloWs iN ZonE WiThiN..
    aS SpiRit
    aS heARt
    DanCe and
    SonG iN BalanCinG
    miNd and BoDy souL..:)

  5. Yes! The “tad too terse” was just the right alliteration to provide the spark in this poem. The scintillating spark is always in their eyes (well it is for me!).

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