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The music caressed her ears asleep; light as the vapours of
morning dream. The stem of an orchid poised like hand;
while euphony rose and dawned on land. She woke with a
look ofΒ proud command.”Bring me oh wisdom of youth and
age; I long for the knowledge of chaparral and sage.”

Besotted with green lying covered in weed; bade blotches
of doubt not smother her creed. She looked not with eyes
but governed with mind,”Have I been so beguiled so as to
have turned blind.” Thus she heard the green woods sing;
beneath the low and enlivening wind.

Rain came down like silken strings;
Surfeit of sweet miraculous things.


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For my prompt “When besotted with Green” tomorrow at 8:00 am EDT

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68 Replies to “Sage”

  1. I love how your poem smells of desert… the sage and chaparral, that’s such a wonderful place.. and when the rain comes life explodes. Love the internal rhymes here.

  2. This is beautiful and lilting. It had a very calming effect on me starting with the first line. Plus I had to look up “euphony” and I always love when a poem makes me have to look up a word. Peace, Linda

  3. Lovely, verdant, hopeful & fecund, this one soothes & sings & hums with the heralding of Spring. The desert can be blissful, but I prefer the foothills of our looming mountains.

  4. Your words always feel romantic even when writing of the desert sage…beautiful as always, Sanaa, enjoyed very much.

  5. This is stunning, Sanaa. You are getting better and better!

    This is profound:
    “Bring me the wisdom of youth and age”

    You make me want to be a better person.

  6. “Bring me the wisdom of youth and age” – A wise request, as those with age have wisdom that comes with years, and youth have a different sort of wisdom: fresh perspective. Both are needed.

    1. Hello Pleasant street,

      Thanks for stopping by, so glad you liked it πŸ™‚
      Highly appreciated, have a great week ahead

  7. The painting is serene…..your words lilting and calm. I float with your words here. Absolutely beautiful. I “feel” this poem.
    Late to the bar with a Saturday post, late for me reading also. So nice though, to read your words over my Saturday morning cup of coffee on the deck, with the kiskadees singing and the aquamarine waters of Bermuda lapping….

  8. Love these parting lines:

    Rain came down like silken strings;
    Surfeit of sweet miraculous things.

    For me, the rain has always been great therapy for a lot of things, in your case, miraculous. Lovely choice of words. loves it!

  9. Your lovely words brings that wonderful smell of petrichor to my senses. Rain on the dry soil, is a smell I know well. I used to grow sage in the garden, too, and love that smell when you touch the leaves. Wonderful poem! πŸ™‚

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