Romeo and Juliet

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“thus with a kiss I die.” ― William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet

Lo! Love’s muted tone thus shades of virginal white
and magnanimous red; laced with endless features
of both calm and dread. Bright with the blood these
lovers have shed; death drifts on with servile breath.

Lo! such potent delights have such vagarious ends;
perhaps virtue is then for youth to spend. Oh pulse
and soul with fervour kiss; bade reminisce joy afore
its grief. Let the world thus know, only fools believe
in bliss.

Give love your soft and perpetual sigh;
Beneath thus deepening shades of sky.



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60 Replies to “Romeo and Juliet”

  1. There really never was a story of more woe than that of Romeo and Juliet. I read it every year (for the last 17 years) to my grade 11 classes, and am struck again and again by the timeless beauty of its poetry, and unique motifs.

  2. There is nothing more timeless than Romeo and Juliet… a story told again and again. I see it in the news… Truly this is a tale that can never be forgotten.

  3. I like the incorporation of thought-provoking lines in this, Sanaa…like whether or not virtue really is for youth to spend and if it’s true that “only fools believe in bliss.”

  4. Tragedy such as theirs failed to prevent the love they had. Better to have loved and lost than never have loved at all. So when you find it hold on tight whatever the difficulties. Better put me in the fools category Sanaa!

  5. “Give love your soft and perpetual sigh;”

    truly that line speaks volumes, when you ponder love it just happens, without you knowing it

    Have a good Sunday Sanaa

    much love…

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