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Beautiful and enlivening
I am like petals of light fallen from moon
Unseen and unheard
I am the fire which resides inside your soul
Strong as spirit of storm
I lie hidden behind the stones upon this earth
Unknown and unaware
Hope beckons and blooms in fields of light.
Seek me and you shall find
Lest tears and gloom come make you blind


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“Our greatest ally in life is our resilience.” – Rubyanne

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68 Replies to “Resilience”

  1. This made me think that sometimes we don’t know the resilience inside herself – but that she is there..patiently waiting until we can acknowledge her and claim her as our own

  2. How much we all wish resilience to cope with life and the troubles that are surely ahead. Sadly so many are blind already not realizing that the future is not a gift but a goal that must be worked hard for. What a thoughtful post this is.

  3. This brings me to something I always say to myself….lend fire to your heart and find the strength, it works beautifully!! Beautiful poem, Sanaa!

  4. Tears and gloom do blind us at times – but the sharp acid strengthens the inner metal and turns it into steel… I wish I had more resilience at times, but you are right: it is there, when we least expect it, unseen, unheard, unaware…

  5. Hi Sanaa! I’ve finally got around to reading your post! It’s been one of those days again. We had a bad storm last night and had to put sandbags out to stop flooding. A storm has been brewing this afternoon and we just had a downpour with thunder. So I thought I’d better get reading in case we have a powercut – we did last night, but only a short one.

    I love your poem, particularly the lines:
    ‘I am like petals of light fallen from moon
    Unseen and unheard’.
    These words are so gentle and silvery, like moonlight.
    I also love the final couplet:
    ‘Seek me and you shall find
    Lest tears and gloom come make you blind’.
    Much love,
    Kim x

    1. Hello Kim,

      Thanks for stopping by, so glad you liked it ?
      Highly appreciated, have a great week ahead.

      PS: Hope you get past the storm 🙂 xo

  6. Grateful for the resilience in people as they hold fast during life’s storms.
    Friendships too are like that – bearing up no matter the pull of the moon against the tides.

    Such a lovely poem – inspired and inspiring Ms. Sunny

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