Now that the sky has fallen into the arms of grey sea
let us live; lift the chin and gaze openly, 
the world as we know it has left romance behind, 
has gone from long drives  
to tabletop coition—
such a waste of youth if you ask me, 

what of flesh that goes soft the moment 
there is eye contact? 

I am the wild sea; rushing towards the shore  
with abandon,  
remember me as fire that erupts in chest, 
as sharp tongue  
that refuses to abide by the rules, 
what of hands that touch when we reach 
for the same item, 
what of body that remembers details 
long after hours have passed? 
Couples as we know them, have forgotten  
the art of turning rhetoric  
to argument for purposes of intimacy– 
such a shame. 

Remember body, the way you felt around point 
of awakening, 
not only desire but also innocence that  
led you forth, 
now that lips comprehend taste 
and lines between lust and love blur far more easily;
remember body,  

that not everyone is as stardust, 
some are chaotic, while others are a force akin  
to magnetism; choose wisely. 

I lay with my heart open and mind bare  
to possibilities,  
replay conversations that take place on nights  
sour and sweet, 
while world outside grows cynical 
and tears emotion apart, 
what of optimism that struggles to breathe, 
of youth that tries to make sense of it all? 
Remember body, the mysteries we wish
to explore, 
and silences that speak more than words 
can ever hope to convey. 
I am learning to listen so that it becomes the 
perfect way to end a poem. Shall we? 





Loosely inspired from the poem “Remember, Body” by Constantine P. Cavafy 🎬

Posted for OLN 354 with LIVE Edition @dVerse Pub