Prompt Nights – Tomorrow when the sun will rise, who knows what the tide could bring – One Year Celebration 🍷

Hello everyone and welcome to another exciting week at Prompt Nights! Forty-eight glorious prompts later, we find ourselves entering into a brand new year 2017! My heartiest congratulations and gratitude goes out to all of you for making this platform such a huge success. Tonight, the prompt is wide open to interpretation. I thought it best to begin by sharing an incredible poem by Muriel Rukeyser to mark this auspicious event, as well as to fire up our pens ? Feel the passion that reigns in his verse and prepare to take the subject in whichever direction that you desire?


by  Muriel Rukeyser

Make and be eaten, the poet says,
Lie in the arms of nightlong fire,
To celebrate the waking, wake.
Burn in the daylong light; and praise
Even the mother unappeased,
Even the fathers of desire.

Blind go the days, but joy will see
Agreements of music; they will wind
The shaking of your dance; no more
Will the ambiguous arm-waves spell
Confusion of the blessing given.

Only and finally declare
Among the purest shapes of grace
The waking of the face of fire,
The body of waking and the skill
To make your body such a shape
That all the eyes of hope shall stare.

That all the cries of fear shall know,
Staring in their bird-pierced song;
Lines of such penetration make
That shall bind our loves at last.
Then from the mountains of the lost,
All the fantasies shall wake,
Strong and real and speaking turn
Wherever flickers your unreal.

And my strong ghosts shall fade and pass
My love start fiery as grass
Wherever burn my fantasies,
Wherever burn my fantasies.

So pick up a pen and lets begin! As always the prompt will remain open the entire week so that everyone can write according to their own pace and time. Please click on the blue widget below. When it opens be sure to click on “add your link.” Now skip the blanks and proceed directly to “try here” written at the end in small font. It will direct you on how to link your poem. Please visit other Poets and do comment on their poems. Have fun ❤


  1. Jae Rose says:

    Thank you for another year of Prompt Nights Sanaa – sorry our celebrations are a little dark!

    1. Sanaa says:

      Thank you so much, Jae 😀 so nice to see you ❤️

  2. gillena says:

    Thanks for a year of fine prompts and creative prodings

    much love…

    1. Sanaa says:

      Thank you so much, Gillena ❤️ for your constant love and support 🙂

  3. A year already? I can barely believe it. Happy anniversary, Prompt Nights!

    1. Sanaa says:

      Thank you so much, Magaly 😀 wouldn’t have been possible without you!!❤️

  4. Congratulations Sanaa! Your Prompt Nights have provided me with so much inspiration, especially at times when other life responsibilities did not inspire me much. Here’s to hoping to another productive and creative year.?
    I’ll be joining as soon as I resume my blogging in March. Cheers!

    1. Sanaa says:

      Thank you so much, Khaya 😀 its been such a pleasure reading you! Prompt Nights would not have been possible without its loyal contributors. Hope you see soon in March. Until then, keep rocking!❤️ Cheers!!

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