Prologue – Layers of dust and spilled sugar

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John to his lady love
Cecilia, I loved you all last week!
How passionately we sang and often
as one dips their toes in twilight and takes the sun
for granted,
and if it would please you to hear, I became Hamlet in my folly
and Petrarch in my rhymes.
But alas! Now all is gone, now all is lost
so many things have occurred,
to contain Iran, the White House wants a “breakout” period
should the trumpster manage to confront
without leading to a military conflict then we should be together.

I understand that it’s not your way
but your eyes and dimples are worth facing an apocalypse
like a cigarette I raised you to scornful lips,
while May
continues to deride from a vantage point
of false pragmatism.
Facebook has heralded artificial intelligence
as a solution
to its toxic content problems,
but a certain Schroepfer says: “
it won’t solve everything,”
who told him he could roll up his sleeves?
It was growing so fast
that in keeping with second amendment
he proclaimed he had the right to bare arms.

When you can cancel whatsoever was between us
then why mock Daenerys as an unlikely choice
of ultimate heir?

Here we are. Eight years and eight seasons after the premiere, 
we’ve finally reached the end.
And with so much going on I could easily be the one wandering 
the broken streets, 
with my face covered in blood as legions of the unsullied stand
inside the castle walls in perfect formation,
a woman on the throne
would be a lovely recognition as to how much females in the series
have progressed.
Cecilia to John,A few of us are going out after work to pretend
it’s not the end of the world,
if you want to join us.”


Photo credits: Lasse Moller, Unsplash

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42 Replies to “Prologue – Layers of dust and spilled sugar”

  1. Loool! I loved this one. The flow of the dialogue made it seem like I was eavesdropping on a private conversation. (I’ll only add that Queen D might not get that Iron Throne she so desires after her stunt last week….. 🙂 )

    1. (Oh God, yes I was absolutely appalled! Queen D doesn’t stand a chance now!) Thank you so much, Vivian 😀 so glad you liked it ❤️

  2. Sanaa, I just laughed so hard! The second stanza left my head full of bare arms wanting to bear arms and ridiculous men pissed off because, well… someone just reminded them how ridiculous and dangerous their fashion can be.

    I really like how the speak makes the relationship comparisons between countries and his own with his Cecilia. And goodness gracious, the ending, the way you use the caption (the tone it gives Cecilia’s voice) is just perfect.

    I don’t know if you ever read “Feminine Endings”, by Neil Gaiman. If you haven’t give it a go. The tone of the piece, the voice of the speaker, reminds me of the narrator of that story. One of my favorites of his (spooky and satiric).

    Love this one!

    1. (Oh wowww!!! I haven’t read “Feminine Endings,” but now that you mention it I’ll definitely give it a go!) Thank you so much, Magaly 😀 so glad you enjoyed it ❤️

      (and thank you for the lovely prompt) 🌹

  3. Mansplaining – the poem! Cecilia was rather polite, all things considered. Maybe drinks will steady John a little. Maybe Cecilia will find someone less condescending.

  4. !! It has been interesting listening to my daughters (high school, college, and beyond) and son and their friends discussing Game of Thrones latest episodes… You seem to have captured the irony quite well (I have never watched one show … I have a lot of binging to do it looks like. Dialogue poems aren’t easy… well doe.

  5. You’ve pitched your tone so well, Sanaa, and had me gritting my teeth at the thought of ‘the trumpster’, dipping toes in twilight and taking the sun for granted. The lines that stood out for me were:
    ‘…your eyes and dimples are worth facing an apocalypse
    like a cigarette I raised you to scornful lips’
    and the word play in ‘he proclaimed he had the right to bare arms’.
    What an apocalyptic image you painted in:
    ‘…I could easily be the one wandering
    the broken streets,
    with my face covered in blood as legions of the unsullied stand
    inside the castle walls in perfect formation’.
    I love that Cecilia’s response is the cartoon caption!

  6. “I could easily be the one wandering the broken streets’. Yes, as could we all. A few missed pay packets and we become the homeless unwashed unsullied.

  7. Wow, Sanaa. What a smart reflection of the times we are in. I don’t even watch GoT but your reference is still strong. Yikes. I love this voice!

  8. I think pretending makes it easier to deal with at times, however, I do worry about the state of the world and all the insanity that is going on. You did an excellent job with this write Sanaa.

  9. Although not a GOT addict I am well aware of addiction to sereies such at this as the viewer is slowly absorbed into the scene and is desperate for the next episode to come round. You wrote this beautifully Sanaa….much applause!

  10. I’ve never watched Game Of Thrones except for part of one episode and then said well, I don’t see what all the fuss is about, so I know I’m not catching on to some of this stuff but be that as it may…
    this is THE MOST AMAZING POEM in how you go from Shakespeare to Trump fear to Facebook and back again in such devil-may-care fashion…it’s a sheer delight…you have dazzled me once again!

  11. A real delight to read. i like how you weave current trending events into a truly brilliant poem.
    i really hope it’s not the end of the world yet. 🙂

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