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Lilacs – out of the dead land mixing the living along
with the dead. Her fingers weary and worn – sought
to sift through portent and omens. Into the distance
flew ribbons of black; these creatures of the mist the
esoteric Nebelung cats.

Lo! wading in a sea of orchid and lilac; her faith tread
along on shards of glass. The desire to reveal burned
as peppers and frutescen. While sprouting shoots of
pep into the woodlands dun; she reveled thus shades
of crepuscule with the chorale of siren.

Beneath a cerise moon;
Toils of coquette swoon.



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Posted Dark Poetry for Cruellest Month


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56 Replies to “Prodigy”

  1. Sanaa, you took the first wee sprout and turned it into a colossal forest. Wow! So much yumminess here. The line about “her faith tread/along on shards of glass” made me breathe a bit faster.

    Wonderful. ❤

  2. Cerise! Oh, my goodness! I have never read a poem with “cerise” in it until now. It’s such a lovely word. Thank you!

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