I never imagined the sound of wind blowing on my window,
the dewy petrichor of post-rain afternoon
and melody of song would remind me of you,
could the impossible ensue so that I could lose myself
in the hollow
of your throat,
nothing quite brings to life again as smoothly, as effortlessly
as perfume.

I dance to the susurration of leaves,
my breathing blending with the swaying of flowering trees
as rose gold glimmers and fills up the evening sky
his perfume reminds me of patchouli, of fleeting inhibitions mixed
with the slightest hint of chivalry,

delicious are emotions stirring inside of me, I confess
I blush at my own thoughts these days.

The full moon harrows my heart,
in the deep black of my room your image floats into my mind
seasons come and seasons go,
the only constant that remains is the search for understanding,
as I write you words and softly kiss before they pour on paper.
I never imagined the first light of dawn,
the low hum of traffic and appeal of cherry marmalade on toast
would remind me of you,
perfume is when we make up for lost time,
when clouds momentarily stop and listen to prayers yet to be mouthed.


Photo credits: Pinterest

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