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Hark! bloweth life,
Into a stone.
Nay! Thy heart,
Doth I disown.

Thou art a votary,
To fond desire.
Tis passion of late,
Which thee conspire.

Thy passion is such,
As fiery ember!
Thee scent,
Tis fathoms,
Suave lavender!

Hark! bloweth life,
Into a stone.
Beguile thy senses,
With bourguignon.

Ye riveting gaze,
Much like a maze.
Setting thy heart,
Thoroughly ablaze!

Tis passion which sets,
Thy life asunder.
Lying awake into the night,
Reminiscing thee,
With sheer delight!

Hark! bloweth life,
Into a stone.
Nay! Thy heart,
Doth I disown.


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52 Replies to “Passion”

    1. Hello Old Egg,

      Thanks for stopping by.. (giggles) well yes he sort of did.. but this poem depicts my passionate nature as a person.

  1. Oh I love how you used archaic language in a modern form.. the short lines really add a serious tone to this modern day of passionate independence.

  2. The Old World language thou hast express’st hither dost remind me of how I started in poetry from years of yore. I used to write Sonnets back then under this language, but no longer today. I thank thee for the mem’ries.

    1. Hello Sumana

      Yes its quite the dream isn’t it? 😀
      So glad you liked it!!
      Highly appreciate your warm remarks 🙂

  3. I really enjoyed the Olde English in this poem – and the rhythm and rhyme….fun to read. I enjoyed the breathing life into a stone, and smiled at “Beguile thy senses, With bourguignon.”

  4. This certainly has fire and passion and how great that it’s an expression of your personality. The old English makes it sound even stronger. I enjoyed this so much.

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