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Hark! bloweth life,
Into a stone.
Nay! Thy heart,
Doth I disown.

Thou art a votary,
To fond desire.
Tis passion of late,
Which thee conspire.

Thy passion is such,
As fiery ember!
Thee scent,
Tis fathoms,
Suave lavender!

Hark! bloweth life,
Into a stone.
Beguile thy senses,
With bourguignon.

Ye riveting gaze,
Much like a maze.
Setting thy heart,
Thoroughly ablaze!

Tis passion which sets,
Thy life asunder.
Lying awake into the night,
Reminiscing thee,
With sheer delight!

Hark! bloweth life,
Into a stone.
Nay! Thy heart,
Doth I disown.


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Posted for Poetry Pantry @ Poets United

52 Replies to “Passion”

    1. Hello Old Egg,

      Thanks for stopping by.. (giggles) well yes he sort of did.. but this poem depicts my passionate nature as a person.

    1. Hello Gabriella,

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂 So glad you liked it!
      Highly appreciate your remarks! 😀

  1. Oh I love how you used archaic language in a modern form.. the short lines really add a serious tone to this modern day of passionate independence.

  2. The Old World language thou hast express’st hither dost remind me of how I started in poetry from years of yore. I used to write Sonnets back then under this language, but no longer today. I thank thee for the mem’ries.

    1. Hello Sumana

      Yes its quite the dream isn’t it? 😀
      So glad you liked it!!
      Highly appreciate your warm remarks 🙂

  3. I really enjoyed the Olde English in this poem – and the rhythm and rhyme….fun to read. I enjoyed the breathing life into a stone, and smiled at “Beguile thy senses, With bourguignon.”

    1. Hello Sherry,

      I knew you would like it 😀
      Thanks for your warm remarks.. 😀
      Highly appreciated!!

  4. This certainly has fire and passion and how great that it’s an expression of your personality. The old English makes it sound even stronger. I enjoyed this so much.

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