Some of us on a bus to boulevard cafe aspire, 
taste the hasty humid rain  
and feel its hand upon shoulder, so heavy,  
that we succumb, 
this hunger to escape, to belong and to wander 
are all meshed into one– 
so potent, that everything else seems irrelevant.  

A long dark cardigan and rose-red lipstick, 
the journey itself is more meaningful  
than reaching to destination. 
The trees show us how to bloom 
and asphalt bears more cracks than heart, 
how we feel during this time, 
what we perceive, alone, is poetry on fire; 
a glimpse of what life is all about.  

The café comes into view, cold coffee sitting 
in front of us, 
and morsels of conversation from nearby tables 
filling the atmosphere, 
words can’t express nor satiate the change  
that has brewed– 
the way we get up and leave before dusk falls  
and exchange glances,  
what if we persist until we have it all? 





Photo credits: Smartphones and lattes by Chiara Pinna, Unsplash 

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Posted for Poetics: August Transitions @dVerse Poets Pub