Of life’s morals and apples

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A rush of cool breeze 
as grey skies welcome wistful rain,
and bowl of red apples allow
room for improvement.

Crunchy and mildly sweet, 
they taste of exhilaration, careful 
enough to piece out doubt from
 my pounding heart.

It was a day in December, much
like any other and yet there was
something different. I gaze upon shift
in clouds, begin to experience the
same within me. 

Oh, fragrance of apples, as
though sun-kissed days of summer;
reminding us it’s never too late
 to begin life new and afresh.

I sit back and marvel as
the sky begins to darken, its words
unspoken continue to seep into
the inner-workings of my soul.

Sometimes, we just need time
alone to really understand ourselves,
as we sift through life and its 
various endeavors.


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40 Replies to “Of life’s morals and apples”

  1. So wise, that it’s never too late to begin life anew….I have done this so many times in my life, it is like I have lived seven different lives in one. Smiles. I love where the apples took you. They took me back and back and back…….to the years when I was most fully alive.

  2. This is a fun prompt, Sanaa. I like the setting here, at home eating the apples, waiting for the storm. I enjoy doing that too. Thank for the nice prompt, I also enjoyed writing mine.

  3. Sometimes we do need time by ourselves–perhaps poets even more than others have this need–so much wisdom here!! Happy holidays to you and to your family!

  4. This is a wonderful reflective piece, just like those apples contains the remains of summer… their sweetness not too sweet. This is timely poem for this time of the year.

  5. Sometimes, we just need time
    alone to really understand ourselves,
    as we sift through life and its
    various endeavors.

    Very well summed up to what can be expected in life!


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